Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Get to Know Each Other??

To all the people who say that married couples should wait a while before they have kids that way they'll have time to "get to know each other"...

Um, no. Isn't that what engagement is for? I really hope that you know your spouse before you decide to marry them. Even so there's definitely an adjustment period- when you marry someone you have to get used to sharing your space with another person. But you better be sure you know this person before you commit the rest of your life to them. 

Rant for the day. The end. 

Also marriage is for children. If you're not ready for kids then you're not ready for marriage. Note I said marriage is for children, not that children are for marriage. You may not be able to have children,  and it is a sad and terrible burden, but you are open to life anyway. The point is, you should know that by getting married you are inviting God into your family to grace you with the awesome ability to share in His life-giving power and you don't get to tell God no on that one.

Ok. The real end. Thank you. 

This is what it's all about! ❤️