Friday, October 18, 2013

The Power of Prayer

So while I was pregnant with Carolina, I thought I was finally cured of my jaw-dropping ability to sweat so profusely that I could soak the pits of a t-shirt literally 3 minutes after putting it on. I'm feelin pretty good about myself and then when the baby comes, BAM! Welcome crazy-hormone-fueled gallons of sweat.

And what is with the fresh scent of onions wafting from my underarms? I mean, really. What. THE.
Post-partum really blows.
It's enough to make you cry. Not just because of the onions. Cry for real.

Anyway. New subject. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I've decided to make it a goal to get to daily mass as often as possible. And God is working on me. I feel it in a big way. It's been a snowball effect, the more I go to mass, the more I get out of it, the more I feel compelled to pray, the more I focus on God during my day, the more I feel myself turning instinctively away from little sins that never used to bother me much before.

I've been praying the rosary and reading through a prayer book from my Mamma and glutting myself on Scott Hahn (If you read Hahn you would know he'd probably yell at me for this...) and FOR REALZ IT, my arm is getting so sore from patting myself on the back at how holy I am. And how doubly holy I am for not rubbing it in anyone's face. Right?? I mean, I'm not even bragging about it!! I'm so HOLY!!!

Ok, yeah, I admit I have been getting a little bit proud. And I need a great big dose of humility and please God don't find a horribly embarrassing way of giving it to me thankyou.

But there are real changes taking place here and its like, wow, praying really works. It's so DUH and so obvious and yet I used to pray one Hail Mary and wonder why I wasn't in ecstasy yet, with rays of light shooting out from the clouds into my exposed beating heart, and little angels lifting me up from my arms, and the fires of hell and tiny red demons being crushed beneath my knees as I looked up to heaven in wonder. I guess a life of prayer does that for the very select few but I doubt I'm headed down that path anytime soon. If at least for the fact that it would freak Chris and Lenny out REAL BAD.

And thank you Jesus for working on my heart. For bringing me in. I have a taste of what real prayer can do to me and I am hooked.
Now, I can't remember the exact quote, but Scott Hahn said, sometimes God gives you what you want in order that you will learn to ask for what you need.

So God Almighty, Holy Lord, Sweet Jesus, please.
It's gotten better now that Carolina is two months and the hormones are going back to normal.
But really,

Can you do something about the onions?

Throwing a pic of this beauty in at the end here. Love her to bits!

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