Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Things Lenny Says

I hate it when the kids say or do something funny and then a few days later I forget. I really want to keep a record of some of the funny things Lenny says so we'll be able to look back and laugh one day. So I'm going to start this post and keep a record of funny or memorable things Lenny says and update it whenever there's anything to add. So, here it is:


I made Lenny a quesadilla. 
Me: do you like it?
Lenny: yes, but I like the water better. 
Me: O_o

Are you going poo poo? Because that's not good because I get nervous when you go poo poo. So nervous. 

When you do bad things, your heart is a mad face, but when you do good things, your heart is a, uh, a, a good face. Right?

Lenny: Don't crosswalk in heaven?
Me: Are there crosswalks in heaven? Like, to go across the street?
Lenny: Don't crosses walk in heaven. 
Me: *blank stare*
Lenny: Like this *penguin waddles across the kitchen*

Holding a Valentine's Day card from his cousin...
This card smells like cold potatoes. 

In reference to that same cousin...
I'm kind of disappointed that Stella has dogs and they're not in a shack.

When you yawn, you have to say "Yawn bless you."

...and here are some of his recently taken photos...

Just lovely. Portraits are clearly his strong suit. 

The extreme close-up and juxtaposition of that bedsheet and arm(?) is so striking. 

I like this one!

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