Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Bad Days"

The bad days are the days I try (and usually fail) to see what God is teaching me through things like a feverish baby, food crumbs on the floor of every room, or changing clothes seven times a day (the babies as well as me) because of sweat, food, urine, or boogers. 

The bad days are the days when I look at my trials and sufferings and just ask God why. This sure isn't the plan I made for myself, God, so why are you so set on it. 

The bad days are the days when a clean house is so far out of reach that I stop chasing it and just sit on my butt with a whole lotta attitude. I snap at my kids and I feel frustrated and sorry for myself, and I'm definitely not gonna accept the fact that it's because I've shut down instead of being present and living in the present. 

The worst part is that, once I've decided that it's a "bad day," it's hard to be open to the good things that happen. Instead of accepting these moments of joy, it's all too easy to be wrapped in my selfish thoughts and miss beauties like this: 

Don't let bad days take away your joy. God is testing you to strengthen you for his purpose. See the day as He sees it and if you can't, at least take pictures...

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