Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life in the Buff

I'm running a regular nudist colony over here. 

Well, just my children. (Sorry for the previous image.) Carolina's had a bad diaper rash so I've been letting her hang out naked. I do put clothes on her at the beginning of the day, it's just that I can't always get her to pee on the toilet, so she pees her clothes and things just get super lazy after that. 

Also, naked kids are the cutest. 

Lenny also gets dressed every morning. Surprise! As much of a hassle that it is, I just can't foresee bringing him to mass naked. He did come out to the car in his underwear and crocs today, but had a change of heart when I started buckling him in. Score one for bluffing!

He slowly strips during the course of the day, effectively tricking me into letting him get naked, like a frog who won't jump out of a pot of boiling water. As long as he turns the heat on nice and easy, I'm oblivious. He'll start with shoes and socks, then he'll spill something on his shirt and get rid of that. Next thing you know his undies are "scratching him" and I've got a tan little man showing off his pasty white butt while he naps in my bed and I'm really praying he won't pee my sheets again!

It's like clothes are negatively charged and my children repel them like magnets. Either that or they are just normal and I am just lazy.

It's definitely that I'm lazy. 
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