Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Greek Avocado Salad (and Advent Music)

Greek salad with avocado? Yes, please. Thank you, Pinterest.

Seriously, thank you.


And thanks for the picture FoodieCrush.com. Because after I stirred mine up it looked like a mystery-ingredient potato salad drenched in clumpy green mayo. 

Also I couldn't stop shoveling it in my mouth long enough to actually take a picture.

The only thing I did differently from the recipe is reduced the red wine vinegar and added a little bit of balsamic. So goooooood. Not at all a wintery type lunch but it is like 72 degrees so whatever.

Anyway I busted out my Advent jams and the first song I hear is Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing sung by Sufjan Stevens. Commence trying to sing and sounding so whiny and pitchy. And then weeping at every other word. Ay me.

I wanted to upload a video of the song and of course there is no real music video but there are lots of videos that people made to go with the song. The first one on the list was black and white shots of animals... I just don't get the right vibe from lions chillin in the savannah. So I scrolled down a little further and BAM giant Jesus face.

Look at those eyes!
How can you say no?

So enjoy that.

Happy and Blessed Advent Y'all.
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