Sunday, January 25, 2015

When I Wake Up Tomorrow... house will look like this. Yes, this, and so much more:

Admitting I have a problem is step one right?

Ok. I have a problem. But I don't think I will lose any sleep over it tonight. I pretty much NEVER EVER leave a mess like this but things happen. 

So, for all you fools who think I've got it all together.
Any old time you want to send a pre-paid maid service over here, that would be great. 

Why is it that when it comes to cleaning sometimes you get so much done and other times so little, yet the very next day you are in the same sitch as usual, namely, your place looks like a huge crap. I just went though a huge ordeal of cleaning all week trying to get ahead, organizing stuff I've been meaning to get to since forever, and feeling quite accomplished and then here comes the weekend and at the end of it the house is trashed.

Things I regret:
1. The general trashiness

Things I don't regret:
1. Spending all weekend enjoying my husband and kids

There you have it. 
Although, tomorrow morning I'm gonna be blown. 
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