Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Baby Girl Talking

Carolina, you are too funny. You are learning to talk so well now and it is just too cute. A lot of your words start with the letter B. You say bup (cup), bore (more), bable (table), and bilk (milk). Sometimes when you get upset you throw yourself on the floor and say "uh-oh, falled." 

Every time your dad gets home from work you laugh and scream and run to the steps and yell down, "Hi Daddy! Daddy home!" You tell me "poopoo peepee" a hundred times a day and I never know if your diaper is really messy or if you just like to say so. You can say just about any word and you copy everything anyone says, especially Lenny. That must be why you love the word dinosaur so much. This morning you told me "cheetah run fast." I know that one came from Lenny. You copy everything he does because you love him so much. 

I love to hear you singing. This morning you and Lenny serenaded me with your sweet rendition of "O Happy Day" and you held your own pretty well, saying "happy day" and "Jesus wash away." You also like the theme songs to Paw Patrol and Dinosaur Train and you sing along with them whenever we go to Nana's house to watch tv. 

You love to go "side" and play. If you ever get annoyed by Lenny you start yelling "Ow! Ow!" and wait for me to come rescue you. Then you tell me "boo boo" or "hurt" and make sure I kiss you on the finger so you can go back to playing. Whenever it is naptime or bedtime, once I am done changing your diaper I ask you, "What time is it?" And you tell me, "bed bed." You go down to sleep so easily which is the biggest blessing of all time. 

What makes me laugh the most is to hear you shouting, "Whee!" whenever you are playing and when you play dinosaurs or monsters or animals you say "Roy! Roy!" for roar, which kills me every time. 

It's amazing how you went from a baby to big girl just by learning how to talk. You are definitely not a baby anymore! You narrate everything you do throughout the day and you're so content with yourself and all your abilities. You have my heart, little girl. That's for sure. 
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