Saturday, June 28, 2014

3:33 am

Can't sleep. Been thinking about too much which is weird because you can usually hear the wind rattling as it blows in my ears, through my empty head full of exactly zero important thoughts, and out through my mouth.

(That "wind" is actually the sound of me complaining, you say? Huh...) 

Anyway just laying here trying to fall asleep when a certain someone (not naming any names here) just rolled over, took a super huge deep breath, and then farted. Like a super long and super loud fart. 

Really? Did you just huff and puff and adjust for that fart even in your sleep?

Honestly, I wish that was me right now. Instead I get this: 

Bored to tears, tired but not tired, and awake for long enough that I'm getting really hungry. And super blown that Carolina will be waking up in about two hours or so. 

In other news, I love this:

Thank you, Kendra from Love the thought-provoking quote and the image to go with it. 
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