Friday, June 6, 2014

Carolina Rose

You are our little southern flower. We love you so much. I want you to remember this always.

Part of my decision to start blogging was to document your's and Lenny's lives so that we could always remember the good times we had. So here are some of the things I love about you. 

I love all your nick names. We call you Care-Care, Caro-Waro-lina (Lenny calls you that), Care Bear, Kiki, Karo Syrup (just me), Carrie Warrie (Lenny again), and Daddy calls you Little One Tooth. 

How could he not?

One more of that tooth.

I love how when you smile you wrinkle up your nose. It is the absolute best. 

I love how you look back at me to see if I am watching you when you think you're getting into something you shouldn't be touching. 

I love how much you have changed in just nine short months. When you were a tiny baby you loved to get your diaper changed. Now you think it is a game. As soon as I lay you down you roll over and crawl away, and the more frustrated I get the more you laugh. 

I love how when I walk up to you super slowly and stomp my feet and yell your name, you scream and smile and "run" away laughing. 

I love how you always speed crawl to the dishwasher no matter where you are or what you are doing whenever you hear it open. You are so eager to help put the silverware away. 

I love your fat chunkin legs and your wrist fat and your wispy little blonde hairs. 

I love how you growl and grunt whenever you want food, and growl extra loud to get a piece of whatever I am eating. Even salad. And when I ask if you want milk you growl and smile and scream all at the same time until you get it. 

I love that Lenny is your best friend. He tries so hard to make you smile and to entertain you. You always laugh the hardest at the things he does and you get so excited when you see him first thing in the morning or when he walks into the room. 

You stole our hearts from the first moment we knew I was pregnant. When we found out you were a girl I was so shocked. I unexpectedly busted out crying at the sonogram appointment because I was so happy. I didn't even know I wanted you so badly until I heard that you were a girl and Daddy said to me, "our Carolina Rose."

You have made us happier and happier every minute since then. We love you so much!
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